A Few Tips On Writing Teenage Romances

Are you and your wife on the same “side”? Or, are the two of you disconnected individuals? Even worse, does it seem like the two of you are on opposing sides more often than not?

One thing you need to realize is that those romantic chance meetings you see in movies or read about in romance novels do not always happen. While almost every woman wants a great romantic story to share with family and friends. It just does not always happen quite that way. On the other hand, it can also depend on your idea of Girls Barcelona. Is it not romantic enough that you met the man you want in your life ’til death you do part?

You need to get your wife to open up to you again if you hope to overcome the distance in your relationship. Many women shut down when it comes to communicating with their spouse because they feel intimated. If most of your discussions about your marriage end up in an argument, sooner or later your wife won’t even attempt to share what she’s feeling anymore. You have the power to change that by assuring her that you want and need to listen to her express what she’s feeling. Show her by listening intently when she’s talking about anything. Always give her your full and complete attention. Also, be careful not to overreact or jump to any conclusions. She needs to feel that she can share anything without the fear of being verbally attacked.

On TV, both candidates were visible on a split screen at all times, so that while one was slamming the other, viewers could see the “slammees” reaction. John McCain came out swinging, as expected, and landed a few verbal jabs on Barack Obama’s chin. If viewers could just hear the comments and not see the video, I can understand how many could see this debate as a John McCain win. Of course, it doesn’t really matter in the “big picture” who anyone thought was the victor of those voters who already had their minds made up.

Then I attend the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. Great session telling me to put tension on every page. Maybe if I stretch several elastics and let them snap on readers’ fingers? Another great session telling me to eliminate “ly” words. “Find and Replace” works well for this one. Oh, and dialogue tags. Use “said” and “asked” and nothing else. Another rewrite.

Just because someone’s profile says that they love hiking or that they have a great job, that doesn’t mean that they do. It’s best not to get carried away if you feel you’ve found the perfect DC single man or woman online. Just keep a level head and don’t form any solid opinions until you’ve spent some quality time together. Also, remember that the more honest you are when creating your own profile, the more likely you are to end up with someone right for you. And that leaves…

We all go through a lot of trials and tribulations before we find someone special to love. Love doesn’t come easy and sometimes it doesn’t come at all, as the old saying goes. We must be patient and turn our defeats into victories in the game of love.